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Our Approach

Our Approach

Sustainability at Fortune Bay Resources is overseen at the highest level, by our Board Health, Safety, Environment and Community and Human Rights committee.

Our HSEC risk management framework provides a standardized approach to identifying, assessing and managing HSEC risks and opportunities.

Our approach

Our sustainability framework is the primary vehicle for the collection and reporting of sustainability risks, opportunities and performance to inform our business strategy.

Our approach to integrating sustainability throughout our business has clearly defined imperatives, objectives, priority areas and targets. It supports meeting legislative requirements, managing the catastrophic hazards associated with our business, and maintaining our societal license to operate.

We focus our approach through three pillars: Greenhouse Gas Emission, Climate Change, and Human Rights.

Risk Management

At every level of the Group, our approach is one of sustainability risk management. Our sustainability risk management framework is aligned with global standards, and helps identify hazards and ways to eliminate, manage or mitigate them.

Sustainability Assurance

Our sustainability assurance processes support the management’s assessment of risk and provide assurance on the key mitigation controls.

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